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- Dry Detention Basin mowing

      PSL can mow and maintain your dry detention basins with a thorough understanding of how they function.  We use specialized mowing practices to ensure that pilot channels and outfalls remain clear and are able to drain at the designed rate. 

- Wet Detention Basin mowing

​      Whether it be a wet pond or designed wet pilot channels, we will complete the routine mowing of all areas from the high bank easement to the water's edge.  It is common in some areas to have ponds designed with wet pilot channels that are continuously submerged.  In the event of a wet pilot channel, PSL will hand mow these wet areas to ensure proper drainage.

- Drainage Channels

      Drainage channels are often forgotten because they are mostly out of sight however they are responsible for carrying the majority of storm water away from both residential and commercial developments.  We do monthly channel maintenance the full length of the channel to allow the maximum flow of water. 

- Outfall Repairs

      Corrugated metal pipe (CMP) can fail in a number of ways.  They can rust on the bottom or top allowing water to escape and erode material. Segments of pipe can separate with ground movement.  When these events occur the pipe needs to be excavated and replaced to prevent further erosion and slope failure. We can replace the entire section of pipe, or do a spot repair sealing the section that is leaking. 

- Blowouts and Sinkholes 

      Blowouts and sinkholes can arise from leaking storm sewer lines eroding soil, or they can naturally occur when components of the soil break down and begin to settle over time leaving a noticeable and sometimes dangerous hole. We can excavate, re-stabilize and compact the problem area returning it to the design grade. 

- Seeding

      Seeding is done in different phases.  After new construction an initial application of hydroseeding is typically the method of choice where seed is sprayed onto the bare dirt with a mixture of nutrients and bonding agents causing the seed to stick to the ground long enough to germinate.  Sometimes it is necessary to overseed from time to time if you have seasonal grasses that die off in the winter or summer.  This ensures that ponds stay healthy and green year round.


      The majority of detention basins are not constructed with proper topsoil to support healthy groundcover.   Therefor it is important to fertilize especially on the slopes to add the missing nutrients to the soil.  Grasses will not grow in nutrient poor soil which can lead to slope instability and catastrophic slope failure.  In order to guarantee nutrient absorption liquid fertilizers can be used when irrigation is not present.

- Large/Small Tree Removal

      We can trim or remove any trees you may have on your property.

- Herbicide Application

     ​Herbicides need to be applied at the right time of year to maximize effectiveness.  Herbicides can be detrimental to newly germinated seed and can cause serious damage when applied at the wrong rate.

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We use commercial grass maintenance equipment to keep Wet and Dry ponds in compliance with their SWQMP’s.
We provide Vacuum Truck cleaning through third party vendors when underground units require sediment trash and oils to be removed. Grit/Grease traps are also maintainable through our relationship with local third party experts. 

Our company has the design background and construction experience necessary to provide rehabilitation and repairs to ponds and drainage channels that have ceased to perform in accordance with the original design.
Brush and land clearing.  

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